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A Eulogy for Konard 

When I joined my job a year ago, a big,black man walked into my cube, introduced himself and started talking. He was the janitor, and he said the mandatory office 'Hi, how are you?' with genuine warmth. Since I stayed in the office after everybody had left, I met him several times when he was doing his evening rounds.

When I was 'promoted' from 1/4th of a cube to my own room, he popped in and said, "I'm really happy to see you moving forward fast, man". His idea of spending a relaxing weekend was playing with his grandchildren.

Two weeks ago, we crossed each other once again, when I was leaving the office late. He said he needed to be more careful, and he needed all the prayer he could get. (That I don't 'pray' was something I didn't tell him.) He had a weak heart and the doctor had advised him to stay off junk food and pop. He declared he was going to make changes and stop drinking a lot of Coke. In short, he was looking forward to making amends and living some more.

He didn't. He died two days ago, but not of a weak heart.

Konard was a real human. Konard was a good man.

If you meet me, kill me 

Lately I've been trawling the local bookstores for good books on Buddhism. I've even seen "An Idiot's guide to understanding Buddhism" and I feel uncomfortable paying for a book that calls me an idiot.
Considering the fact that I have the face as my banner here, I feel like a pretender when I don't know much of the philosophy behind Buddhism. I do know that a couple of bloggers who visit here (albeit rarely) are practising buddhists, so I'm asking for suggestions on good books on the subject. You know, books that don't talk about possibly false theories like reincarnation or the afterlife, but the deep, philosophical ones that ponder questions like, Does anyone hear when a tree tries to clap with one hand in the forest, but falls down in the process?

Still living in a fish bowl... 

Thanks to AOL (now that's not something you hear everyday), I could listen to Pink Floyd's reunion at Live8. Gilmour's still got his chops, Waters seemed to be singing off key. 'Comfortably Numb' still sends shivers down my spine.

Bjork isn't too bad either.