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Bollywood encourages suicide... 

... but not for the obvious reasons of inanity and absurdity. Also in the article, Tamil movie influence, which supposedly makes people even more suicidal than Bollywood. I'd rather slit my wrists than watch HAHK again.

What's the stupidest Hindi movie, ever?

What do you need that for, dude? 

via Craigslist:

I have a vintage 1973 Average Johnson which was manufactured by the Great American Penis (GAP—no affiliation with the similarly-named clothing stores) Corporation. I am able to supply documentation to support the age of this Johnson, though there is no visible JIN (Johnson Identification Number) on the organ itself; so, unfortunately, a CockFax® report will not be available to prospective drivers.

This Johnson has been maintained by a single owner, who has also been its primary driver. There have been three other drivers of this Johnson at various times, all of them within the past five years, and all of them female. (The most recent of these merely took it for a test drive, and although pleased with its performance, she elected not to continue with its use secondary to geographic concerns.) Each of these drivers has also been a passenger at some point, and they all expressed satisfaction in the ride of this Johnson. (Say what you like about women drivers, some of them are actually quite skilled in maneuvering an authentic Johnson, given that chance.) The original ragtop was displaced shortly after production; however, this Johnson can be (and has been) successfully fitted with a number of synthetic covers for protection from the elements as well as ride comfort and a variety of vaginodynamic effects. There are no other cosmetic defects; it is otherwise unmodified and has the typical dimensional variability one would expect from an Average Johnson. It retains its original color: Classic Caucasian Clearcoat. All things considered, this Johnson is actually in near-mint condition.

I am currently seeking to place this Johnson with another driver/passenger, preferably another female. Prior familiarity with this type of equipment is desired but not necessary, as I will be present for any test drives/rides and will be able to provide training and/or feedback, as necessary.

Note: Except for the lack of original cover, this is a stock Johnson and not technically a ‘hot rod’ (though the differences in appearance are minimal) and is therefore inappropriate for speed trials! Regardless, this Johnson has been well maintained is able to faithfully perform on a variety of terrain and under various environmental conditions.

I am able to supply photos of the owner with or without the Johnson for evaluation purposes, as I assume any prospective new driver(s)/rider(s) might wish to know more about the man who has taken care of this classic piece of equipment and how it has been maintained. Photos of the Average Johnson itself may be made available at the owner’s discretion.

New Phishing Scam! 

Dear respected member of Washington Mutual Bank,
Our department recorded a payment request from Expedia - Online Travel Agency ( EXPEDIA.COM ) to enable the charge of $ 619,49 on your account.
This amount is supposed to cover the cost of a 5 days reservation ( 10-14 November / 2004 )
at a Five Stars Hotel located in New Delhi / INDIA, under the name of GARY EDWARDS.
• If you made this reservation or if you just authorize this payment, please ignore or remove this email message. The transaction will be shown on your monthly statement as "Rama Bangalore-Hotel".
• If you didn't make this payment / reservation and would like to decline the $ 619,49 billing to your card,
please follow the link below to deny the payment:
**DECLINE** - javascript:OpenWin(' linkrd?_lang=EN&lah=3202f45452441697f302e11034621277&amp;amp;lat= 1099923098&hm___action=http%253a%252f%252f66%252e206%252e6%252e228%252fReval%252dAn');
(Click "DECLINE" button to stop this payment.)
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and appreciate your assistance in helping us maintain the integrity of the entire Washington Mutual, Inc. system.
Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.
Please do not reply to this mail. Mail sent to this address cannot be answered


The Washington Mutual site immediately warns us of an ongoing scam. The javascript button links to revaltrading.com, which seems to be a legitimate business operation.

F%#$ Hotmail. While Yahoo! increased its free space to respond to Gmail's challenge, hotmail is still dragging its ass after promising more space. Hotmail lusers, beware!

***update*** The day after I bitch about the free space, Hotmail increases it to 250MB. What gives?!

DoD - II 

The 'Dukes of Dixieland' was a merry band of white musicians, chiefly consisting of the fraternal trio of Frank, Freddie and Papa Jac Assunto. This borderline-insane group was ably supported on other instruments by several other insane people, as we shall soon see.

Stanley "Mimey" Mendelson: Stan had begun his career as a professional air-guitar contestant. Soon, he diversified into air-baton, air-dulcimer, and even air-figure-skating. Stan is seen here playing his invisi-piano, while his bandmates studiously avoid looking in his direction.

Freddie "Dorkymada" Assunto: Freddie suffered from a rare and debilitating disorder called Parkinsons-Bends, that caused his body to go into the fetal position and convulse whenever he was forced to hold his breath. Freddie overcame this condition and used it to his advantage when playing extended free-styling solos on his trombone.

Frank Assunto: I'm the only sane man in this entire clusterf**k

Kansas - Crimson and Blue 

See the only two blue counties in the entire state? Yeah, I live in one of them.