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Do the Brown Nose 

My roommate and I were discussing how difficult it is to get recognized simply by your own merit when you're working with a south-asian supervisor. You had to basically turn into a fawning chamcha to the aforementioned SAS(south asian supervisor) to get anywhere. It came to me then that we are genetically destined to do so.

We weren't blessed with brown noses for no reason.

Going Ape 

This is how you remake a classic. I can't understand why opening-week sales were low for the film. Maybe the continuous snowfall around most parts of the US had something to do with it?

Serkis should get an Oscar for again playing a CGI part to perfection. Something I read in 'Rolling Stone' made me realize how much effort had gone into playing Kong. Gorillas are known for their strict rules on eye-contact. Jackson and Serkis had to actually plan the scenes where Kong made eye contact with anyone else.

The only bad things about King Kong - too many monsters and Jack Black. Seriously, I don't need a huge gorilla, half the known dinosaur genus, giant crickets and head-swallowing worm-things to make me watch the movie. I also didn't need Jack Black saying,"Beauty killed the beast" like it was the opening line of a Tenacious-D song.

Naomi's 'O' face (while screaming) and Kong atop Empire State would've done the trick.

Every subculture has its own band 

Ever heard of 'The H1Bees'? It features famed Kollywood singers like Tippu and GV Prakash (albeit a bit grown up), singing about earning dollars and missing home and other talking points of the H1B manifesto.

Everything is connected 

One of the last few rooftop antennae (antennaeus paricapitis) remaining in the wild. Captured in Topeka, circa 2005.

Saw 'Syriana' yesterday. Watching it was like taking a crash course in the dynamics of the oil industry. Very few movies like Syriana and Network come close to capturing the cut-throat atmosphere behind billion-dollar enterprises. With new players like China and India with their increasing fuel needs, the game is only going to get dirtier.

1) When Clooney turns into an unwitting suicide bomber at the end, I wondered if it was an ironic twist that the director intended.
2) Why haven't suicide bombers targeted oil tankers yet? Sometimes I feel that movies and books just give them more ideas to kill more people.