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A Eulogy for Konard 

When I joined my job a year ago, a big,black man walked into my cube, introduced himself and started talking. He was the janitor, and he said the mandatory office 'Hi, how are you?' with genuine warmth. Since I stayed in the office after everybody had left, I met him several times when he was doing his evening rounds.

When I was 'promoted' from 1/4th of a cube to my own room, he popped in and said, "I'm really happy to see you moving forward fast, man". His idea of spending a relaxing weekend was playing with his grandchildren.

Two weeks ago, we crossed each other once again, when I was leaving the office late. He said he needed to be more careful, and he needed all the prayer he could get. (That I don't 'pray' was something I didn't tell him.) He had a weak heart and the doctor had advised him to stay off junk food and pop. He declared he was going to make changes and stop drinking a lot of Coke. In short, he was looking forward to making amends and living some more.

He didn't. He died two days ago, but not of a weak heart.

Konard was a real human. Konard was a good man.

that website needs a registration..
can u post the contents or jus give a gist in the comments?
On Sunday evening, police were called to a duplex at 3502 S.E. 7th in the Eastgate neighborhood, where they found 50-year-old Konard Miller with multiple stab wounds. He died later, and police arrested his 14-year-old stepson, James Roberts-Watkins, and booked him into the Shawnee County Juvenile Detention Center in connection with second-degree homicide.

Raapi, use bugmenot on FF... much better.
death !!!!
Yes, Nilu, Death. To everybody. Eventually.
Oh my gosh, that's so sad. That poor man. I am genuinely sad that such a thing happened.
Aww that is really awful... Did you know anything about his stepson?
Aekta: Don't know really much about the stepson. Was heard to say, 'It's all over now...' after he stabbed him.

Sherri: Yeah, we got news at the office that the family had trouble paying for the funeral. :(
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