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Lately I've been trawling the local bookstores for good books on Buddhism. I've even seen "An Idiot's guide to understanding Buddhism" and I feel uncomfortable paying for a book that calls me an idiot.
Considering the fact that I have the face as my banner here, I feel like a pretender when I don't know much of the philosophy behind Buddhism. I do know that a couple of bloggers who visit here (albeit rarely) are practising buddhists, so I'm asking for suggestions on good books on the subject. You know, books that don't talk about possibly false theories like reincarnation or the afterlife, but the deep, philosophical ones that ponder questions like, Does anyone hear when a tree tries to clap with one hand in the forest, but falls down in the process?

Richard Causton, The Buddha in Daily Life. It is TOTAL user-friendly and TOTAL cool.

Here for more:

Thanks! Will take a look at it.
A bit of a shock following your 'Books and Influence' post? :D
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