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DoD - II 

The 'Dukes of Dixieland' was a merry band of white musicians, chiefly consisting of the fraternal trio of Frank, Freddie and Papa Jac Assunto. This borderline-insane group was ably supported on other instruments by several other insane people, as we shall soon see.

Stanley "Mimey" Mendelson: Stan had begun his career as a professional air-guitar contestant. Soon, he diversified into air-baton, air-dulcimer, and even air-figure-skating. Stan is seen here playing his invisi-piano, while his bandmates studiously avoid looking in his direction.

Freddie "Dorkymada" Assunto: Freddie suffered from a rare and debilitating disorder called Parkinsons-Bends, that caused his body to go into the fetal position and convulse whenever he was forced to hold his breath. Freddie overcame this condition and used it to his advantage when playing extended free-styling solos on his trombone.

Frank Assunto: I'm the only sane man in this entire clusterf**k

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