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The Dukes of Dixieland 

I've always had a thing for vintage album covers and retro art. Lileks' Institute has provided me with hours of endless fun. The typography and the bold colors of the 60's and the 70's are a welcome affront to the blue-and-grey corporate culture of today.

So I couldn't resist this vinyl record when it appeared at an auction at work. The bold assertations that proclaim "A STUDY IN HIGH FIDELITY SOUND" and "...YOU HAVE TO HEAR IT TO BELIEVE IT!" illustrate the optimism in popular science that our grandfathers had. A half-century has passed and Audio-DVDs have appeared on the market, but popular science has failed us. Where's the hovercar? What happened to the food-o-matic?

Since I don't have a record-player, I have no way of verifying if the Dukes of Dixieland were as good as they claim to be. But in honor of the unflappable joie-de-vivre of these musicians, I shall attempt a brief pen-pic of them in my future entries...

Yes the same Guru. Thanks for the Turkmenistan info !!!
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