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My first real blizzard 

The incomparable Bill Hicks:

"Haven't been here in a while, man. Livin' out in Los Angeles now...LA, or as I like to call it, Hell-A, and uh, I just like getting out of there at any point, just to go anywhere, for the weather.

They don't have fucking weather there. Hot and sunny, every day. Today: hot and sunny in LA. Yesterday: hot and sunny. Every day: hot and sunny, and they love it. 'I'n it great, every day, hot and sunny! Hot and sunny every day.'

What are you, a fucking lizard? Only reptiles feel that way about this kind of weather. You know, I'm a mammal, I can afford scarves, coats, cappuccino, and rosy-cheeked women...and all are available for sale on the streets of New York...

Where I soon be returning, because LA is a nightmare city, and the sooner it falls into the ocean due to a major earthquake and is flushed away like the turd city it is, into the Pacific bowl, the better this world will be, thank you, good evening.

Yes, good evening, how are you tonight? Good. The comedy of hate. Join me."

Amen! to the weather bit ..
woah, must've missed your comment. People still come here?
ya, people still get bored :P
In that case, shall try to keep posting occasionally :D
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