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Ik ben geen beroemdheid 

Thanks to celebrity face matching on MyHeritage.com, I discovered that I look like Jan Peter Balkenende. Such a shame, I was expecting someone more of a... celebrity.

via Kingsley2 > Riya > HorsePigCow

p.s: apologies for the japanese porn pixelation...

Man! you have put on a *lot* of weight!
I wish. :-| My mouth was stuffed with pepperoni pizza at the time.
Machi.. naan nenaichen.. but Nilu jumped ahead.. ya.. you have put on weight. You look just about the same size that I was, while in Shan (oh. ya.. final year size, so it aint too bad ;) )
wow, pepperoni.....
Anti: un size-ayum en size-ayum compare pannriyae, nyaayamaa!?

Ishwar: Supreme is my fave, though.
I couldn't get this thing to work :-(
Aekta: works fine for me... Are you using a Mac?
Yes I am actually, does it work only on a pc?
Could be so... they are still in testing.
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