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Degrees of abuse 

Compare and contrast. One is disappointing while the other is depressing.

I've noticed that in South India, most women always walk two feet behind their husbands. This has nothing to do with submissiveness or respect. The sari, by virtue of its restrictive 'cylindricalness', hinders women from taking longer steps. The same goes for Kimonos, which are, if anything, even more tightly wrapped than saris. Is there a relation between how women dress and how women assert themselves in different cultures?

Update: Added Suddenlee to the blogroll. His burning desire to nuke mylapore is overshadowed only by his morbid fetish for dinosaurs.

I don't know - if the guy is also wearing a veshti can he still long strides?
That's why the 'vetiya madichu kattu' maneuver exists!
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