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Thanks to Anti's 'View Source', I now have a favicon : . Thus unbridled narcissism abounds.
If anyone has a good idea for an icon for their blog but needs someone to execute it, let me know. I'm interested in doing micro/mini projects on the GIMP.

Project on GIMP.

now if u could kindly explain how to come up with an icon for my page..
Nilu: Ahem... not all of us are raging sadists/masochists. :D

Raapi: Post this line right after the 'head' tag in your template:

(html start tag)link rel="shortcut icon" type="image/ico" href="http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/7157/349/1600/(icon of your choice).gif" /(html end tag)

html start tag = lesser-than symbol
html end tag = greater-than symbol
Raapi: My previous post was utterly baffling, even to me. Here's the real deal:

First upload the picture to blogger. Get the link where the picture is by viewing the HTML source. This will look something like :

Then paste this link in the line I posted above for the shortcut icon, viz.
link rel="shortcut icon" type="image/ico" href="...".
thx da.
How about making sure that the icon on mine stays all the time? :(
Anti: Is it disappearing randomly? Try a better image host. Blogger sometimes takes too long for the image to load.
Illa da.. it stays on for exactly a minute or slightly more before changing either to the Blogger logo or surprisingly to the Cricinfo "C" logo!
Anti: To put it simply, your cricinfo inset is f***ing things up.

To elaborate, you use an iframe for cricinfo and the HTML inside the iframe refreshes every 60 seconds. Each time it refreshes, the cricinfo logo is loaded into your main page as the cricinfo server doesn't know that the request comes from an iframe inside your site.

The easiest way to stop this would to remove the cricinfo frame. Seriously, if someone wants to see live scores, let them go to CI's site :)

Auto-Refresh inside a frame - BAD IDEA!
Aaaaah! But u know what. that's something I am very proud of. Cos I was probably one of the first to do it. :(

In fact I helped some guys running cricket specific blogs put up similar things on their blogs :(
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