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Masks and Mirrors 

Not too suprising, since the Republican party, as I've always believed, is sincerely interested in furthering the Christian agenda a.k.a. 'We're Right, You're Wrong, so suck it, Infidels'. Does the Democratic party hold secret rallies for 'people of faith' ?

And in case, you miss more conspiracy-mongering, The Diebold Enigma. MS-Access?! The mind boggles!

While the DNC had earnest, but boring speakers like Obama, Edwards and Clinton, the RNC has managed to make speeches fun, with Arnold, Guiliani and Dennis Miller. Many of Arnold's talking points were unfounded placebos, but hey, he said 'girly men' and 'I'll be baack'. Arnold was supposed to rope in immigrants who come to America to pursue their dreams - yes, immigrants who are muscular movie stars and are married to the Kennedys.

Unless Kerry comes up with something earth-shattering, it's 4 more years of Bush.

/rant off

update: Let's see how long it is before this gets buried... Anyone else notice how Bush looks really tired in all his campaign appearances?

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