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Save your xenophobia 

Consider a run-of-the-mill Indian bride. She marries a relative stranger, and goes to live with him in his house. She has two sets of parents now, one from the pirandha veedu, and one from the pugundha veedu. After 30 years of connubial blissdrudgery, does she not have a say in the workings of her pugundha veedu? All this outcry over being ruled by a foreigner is a typical jingoistic knee-jerk reaction. If India is "shining" now, it is because some CEO in an MNC decided he could profit more by paying 5 Indian code monkeys for the price of one American.

If inexperience and incompetence are benchmarks for rejecting political candidates, Bush II and The Governator wouldn't ever have been elected. Sonia has spent most of her adult life in India. She has the ability to surround herself with competent statesmen even if she doesn't possess the ability to be competent herself. There is no reason for her not to be the next P.M. All the naysayers who raise the objection of her being foreign, would probably have raised the objection of her being a woman 50 years ago. The "people" have voted for her and I think India has made a true step forward in thinking as a global democratic entity rather than a narrow provincial nation-state.

Bravo you poor huddled masses!

Both Bush and Kerry were right next to my office premises today. Today, America celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Brown Vs. Board decision. It was right here in Topeka, KS, that the decision to desegregate schools was taken. Parallels can be drawn to the decision taken 50 years ago and the current mandate of Indians. It's time to start looking at ourselves as a human race rather than being of black, latino, or an Italian ethnicity.

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Too soon mate...too soon ...was ur post!
Curses! She actually did something smart!
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