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Obligatory Post Poll Post 

A good measure of how out of touch I am with Indian affairs is when the poll results came out today. I use The Hindu as my primary Indian news source and most exit polls indicated an uneasy lead for BJP. Congress winning more seats than BJP came as a big surprise to me. The prevalent reason for the ouster seems to be that the poverty-stricken majority of India didn't swallow BJP's line of economic well-being. Is Congress going to affect a major policy shift? I don't think so. The poor have once again deluded themselves into believing that things would change. As someone from a comfortable upper-middle class background, I see no reason to welcome the Congress. The only moral reason I would have to oppose the BJP would be it's Hindutva platform. Anyway, I don't think this change will affect people of the blogging community in anyway. After all, we are were all part of the relatively comfortable UMC persuasion...

Let them eat cake!

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