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It's the Little People that matter... 

Via Slashdot:: Blog Epidemic Analyzer is work done at HP Labs that says bigger bloggers plagiarize from smaller blogs without attributing it to them. Their conclusion? Bigger isn't better. BlogPulse is similar to Google Zeitgeist in that it tells us the "in" phrases, people and links at the moment. Not surprisingly, Bush, Kerry and Iraq are "in". Also on MetaFilter today, The American People, if you want to know which politician is speaking up for "The American People". Representative Democracy rules!

In other news, from Lileks today:
" Statement the Fourth: it’s the war. That’s what counts. If I had a choice between an isolationist Republican who would withdraw all American troops from everywhere and cast Israel adrift, OR a Joe Lieberman Democrat who understood the threat and wanted to take the fight to them - and nevermind what our valiant allies thought, like Russia - I’d pull the lever for the D. As I've said before: we can argue about the future of Western Civilization after we've ensured Western Civilization will survive."

Woah there!

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